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In Conclusion – We are at the same location since 1920

The History of “Withers” in Georgia

Withers was a Pre-Civil War establishment, and a well-known name in the history of Atlanta, Georgia. This is a story of the American Spirit in the Land of Opportunity.

Census records indicate that the Withers family was originally from England, and came to the United States sometime around the 1800’s. The name Withers ultimately became established among other foundries in Georgia throughout the 1850’s. Three brothers began forging their names in Georgia. As a result, today remnants of the old Withers foundries from the 1850’s are still present around Rome, Atlanta, and throughout Bartow county. These foundries are markers of history and therefore solidify the roots of the name Withers in the industry.

The Civil War (1861-1865) left Georgia a war-ravaged state devoid of civil order, and nearly approached chaos. The environment was challenging for all and economically destitute of options for many. About half a century later, a new generation of Withers men would emerge and once again, Withers would be a known name in the tradition of metalworking and machinery.

Another Generation of Withers

In 1920, E. P. Withers created a small, yet determined foundry and machine shop in Mableton, GA. A century later, Withers Tool is still located at the same site today. Edward P. Withers was determined to become an amiable and expert source of metalworking, machining, and fabricating to the industry.¬†Conclusively, it was one¬†great example of many in the great pursuit of ‚ÄúThe American Dream”.

W.T.D. today

Withers Tool Die & Mfg. grew into a company with a skilled team of experienced machinists, determined project managers, and a 75,000 sq. ft. facility. Our facility houses Manual and CNC Machines, in addition to many other assets to provide precision machining & fabrication.

Even though Withers¬†has expanded,¬†our mission remains the same¬†since 1920… ‚ÄúTo Serve Industry”.

Let us be your solution to your machining needs. See our CNC Machining and Manual Machining Capabilities by visiting our web page www.witherstool.com. Please Take a look at our Equipment List or check out our full spectrum of services offered.

Historical literature¬†retrieved from¬†publication: “Pioneer Citizens‚Äô History of Atlanta, 1833-1902”.

¬†“Hard work and determination are the labors that bring forth the fruits of success and legacy”.

Withers Men

“The Two Old Cogs in the¬†Wheel of Time”

In Memory of

 E. P. Withers