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Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding – Like blanchard grinding, surface grinding uses a magnetic chuck and an abrasive wheel to remove material. Most surface grinders have the abrasive wheel spindle in a horizontal position. Surface grinding can produce a surface that is smoother, flatter and more parallel than blanchard grinding, and it is ordinarily used only for removing small quantities of material at a time. Grinding permits very accurate tolerances of less than 0.001″ and allows for very smooth surface finishes up to 16 microinch RMS.

We have four surface grinders at Withers Tool & Die. One of our machines has a vertical spindle and a magnetic chuck that pivots, which works well for grinding angle shear blades and performing other non-parallel applications. Our longest surface grinder has a magnetic chuck that is 240″ long and 30″ wide that has ground parts parallel within 0.0003″ over that length.


Specs for Our Surface Grinders

  • Mattison SSG – 30″ x 36″ x 240″
  • Mattison SSG – 24″ x 42″ x 120″
  • Gardner #618 – 6″ x 12″ x 18″
  • Gockel GB 65el Knife Grinder – 10″ x 10″ x 100″

Examples of some of our Surface Grinding Work we do:

  • Die Work
  • Mold Work
  • Tooling Plates
  • Shear Blades

Surface Grinding can obtain the following tolerances:

  • Flatness +/- 0.0001″ per foot
  • Parallel +/- 0.0001″ per foot

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