The Quality

Our work goes beyond the services we provide – it encompasses the entire experience you have as a customer from the very beginning. Here’s how Withers Tool, Die and Manufacturing Company makes quality a focal point for all we do:

Uncompromising Standards

From customer to customer, and from job to job, our commitment to quality, specificity and excellence in the work we do never waivers. We will always push to deliver at the highest level.


Providing a safe environment for our employees to perform their work is paramount. We also commit to the safety of the parts and deliverables we produce.

Competitive Pricing

Because of the variety of equipment we have onsite and our efforts to employ efficiencies wherever possible, you can trust that a quote from Withers will be both fair and competitive.

Reliability and Reputation

Customers return to us time and time again, over decades, because they know we’ll take care of their needs.

Capacity and Adaptive Versatility

We have the equipment, the team, the skill, and the knowledge to tackle an enormous range of jobs – including custom requests.


Our shop has been operating for almost a century, so experience is at our core as a business. Likewise, our machinists have the experience and industry knowledge to perform exceptional work.


We always maintain an open line of two-way communication. We’re available for all your questions, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of your jobs.

Sensitivity to Privacy

Many of our customers have patents or proprietary information that we guard and protect with absolute caution. We maintain non-disclosure agreements with many of our long standing customers.


Our goal is to deliver on time. Open and effective channels of communication always ensure our Quality and we desire your business.