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Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding – We have four different size blanchard grinders that we use. These grinders use significantly greater horsepower than other grinding methods. Blanchard grinding (also referred to as rotary surface grinding) removes large quantities of stock efficiently & more economically. This method adds size, versatility, eliminates mismatches, & speeds turnaround time on large parts. When compared to flycutting; it saves time over surface grinding as well.

Large Part Blanchard Grinding Services

You can reduce turnaround time and save on pre-machining costs by simultaneously Blanchard grinding multiple parts – creating further efficiencies. Multiple part grinding, along with cutting a large, blanchard-ground blank into smaller parts, provides uniform part-to-part thickness, tolerances, and surface finishes at a lower unit cost.

We offer precision grinding to close tolerances at competitive prices. Surface finishing typically will run 63 microinch rms and as high as 32 microinch rms with certain materials. We have four large Blanchard Grinders to serve you.

Specs for Our Blanchard Grinders

  • 60HD120 – 144″ Swing x 45″ Height (Vertical Range)
  • 36HD66 – 84″ Swing x 36″ Height (Vertical Range)
  • 32HD60 – 72″ Swing x 36″ Height (Vertical Range)
  • 22D42 – 48″ Swing x 23″ Height (Vertical Range)

Examples of some Parts we grind:

  • Machine Bases
  • Plates
  • Sawmill Blades
  • Weldments
  • Rotary Tables
  • Side Plates
  • Vacuum Chambers

Blanchard Grinding can obtain the following tolerances:

  • Flatness +/- 0.001″ per foot
  • Parallel +/- 0.001″ per foot

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