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Vertical Turning Lathes

Vertical CNC Lathes  These vertical lathes are primarily used for turning, facing or boring large cylindrical workpieces, much like a horizontal lathe that would be stood on one end. Two vertical uprights are mounted to the back of the diameter of the table, which bolsters a cross rail. The cross rail can be maneuvered up and down on the support columns to accommodate various workpieces.

Large Part CNC Vertical Turning

We are the only machine shop in the Southeast that has a vertical turning lathe of this size, so our capacity is unparalleled for large part machining.

Our vertical turning lathe has a 96″ diameter table and clearance between the rails of 90″, which is capable for turning parts up to 113”. 

Examples of some of our Vertical Turning Work we do:

  • Handling and machining large parts, turbine casings, ring gear blanks, water turbine runners, flanges for large pipe, machine tool tables and more

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