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Planer Milling

Planer Mills  The planer mills are used to remove stock from workpieces using two methods. With the first method, the planer head holds a single-point tool in a fixed position, and the workpiece moves beneath the tool removing stock. With the second method, the milling head holds the tooling, such as endmills and inserted shell cutters for removing stock, in typical milling practices.

The planer mill is well suited for long straight cuts or cuts that require varying angles. The milling head can remove large quantities of material quickly. The cuts using the planer are similar to those of a lathe, but they are linear instead of helical.

Specs for Our Planer Mills

  • Table size of 54.5″ x 240″
  • Dozens of different shaped single-point tooling
  • The largest cutter for the milling head has a 12″ diameter and can cut up to 0.300″ in A36 hot roll steel

Examples of our Planer Milling Work we do:

  • Providing accurate, flat surfaces on work pieces that are long and narrow
  • Removing large quantities of material with high accuracy
  • Establishing datum surfaces on weldments for use in set up for machining later

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